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Teflon free sealing

The giant bagmaker inserter RAZIM-11-G, which makes and inserts bags into C48 or C90 cases, now makes use of PTFE-free seal heads.

Reduce costs by running re-used cases

Are you also faced with high costs for your new cardboard boxes? Pattyn Packing Lines now offers a unique solution to run re-used cases through the complete tobacco boxfilling line, from case erecting to case closing...

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Pattyn Packing Lines is a

family company with more

than 30 years of extensive

experience in polybag lining



As leading manufacturer,

we provide worldwide 

innovative machines and

complete automated lines

to pack and weighfill

bulk tobacco into

lined cases or bins.




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Pattyn Packing Lines nv


Industriepark "Blauwe Toren"

Hoge Hul 4-6-8

BE-8000 Brugge - Belgium


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Fax: +32 (0) 50 314 676

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